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me-224x300 About us Eric Yinger, President

With over 25 years’ experience in all phases of sourcing, purchasing, shipping, and importing as well as distribution, delivery and inventory control, Eric has the experience and knowledge to help businesses get control over processes and costs that can make the difference between being profitable or not. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia, for more than 20 years, sourcing products, and establishing relationships. This historical and geographical experience allows Maiden Supply to have a very broad range of products and wide resources.


me-224x300 About usDixon Rauch, Business Development Mgr.

Dixon has over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of product design and development – including design, prototyping, manufacturing, costing, marketing, sampling, production and importing. He has won numerous national awards for product design and decoration and has two patents in his name.


At Maiden Supply we specialize in win-win partnerships that allow companies to secure experienced supply chain and sourcing business expertise without the need for additional employees.

For over 25 years we have provided sourcing and supply chain management for large corporations, small self-starters, and everyone in between.  This includes extensive trips visiting source locations, and developing a network of suppliers.  Our product experience ranges from plumbing supplies, custom packaging, detailed inventions, and nearly everything in between.

Some customers we have partnered with:

  • Delta Airlines
  • Hough and Mifflin
  • Albertson’s / Safeway
  • Legal Zoom
  • TJ Max / Marshalls
  • Home Goods
  • Standard Plumbing

We tailor services specifically to meet your business needs, for sourcing and supply chain management. We look to assure our services are implemented to generate bottom line savings or gains.

At Maiden Supply our goal is to grow your business providing a valuable service based on solutions that take advantage of our network of industry experts and years of experience. We seek to develop partnerships with customers to make their business run smoother and efficiently generate high returns.

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