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Too often businesses continue to move with the same practices, and procedures without taking a review to see if they are using the best options.  Often a lean operation is unable to make time to learn about, investigate, develop, and implement improvements.

Over the years we have found that every business has pockets of cost saving centers. These are areas in each organization missing cost saving improvements, and opportunities that directly impact the bottom line. These procedural improvements, not only improve business operations and efficiency, they add significant dollars to a company’s profits.  Often we have seen these changes generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

For example, so many companies do not fully understand CIF, C&F, or FOB terms.  They allow a seller to manage these details failing to realize the cost saving opportunity.

We regularly find direct savings for businesses in a range of 5% to 10% on final landed costs. Significantly more in some instances, depending on the business or product.  Think about the impact a savings of 5% to 10% would have on your business.  You have nothing to lose by contacting us to see how it can be done.

In addition to finding direct saving options through reduced costs, we can help to suggest updated practices and procedures, to create better efficiencies and further downstream savings.
Savings that can be used to bolster a company’s bottom line, or position a product’s cost to stimulate sales or open previously unreachable markets.

Our Supply Chain review will focus on practices and procedures in the areas of:

Product Sourcing
With our network of factories and contacts worldwide, we can present sourcing options that best fit your business’s needs. Assistance with finding suppliers for new products, or alternate sources for existing products. We assure all suppliers are meeting the needs of your product, balancing costing, quality, and social consciousness.

The amount of companies that purchase products allowing the supplier to build in all delivery costs is surprising. Your company may be one. For certain a supplier is not providing these services at a discount, and is probably using them as an additional profit center.

We provide guidance with the process of importing products making sure you are confident with the rules and regulations to bring your product in for distribution. We can show you how to navigate duties, customs, tariff rates, document requirements, along with many other details. We put you in control of this process, converting a supplier’s profit center, to your cost saving center.  While at the same time positioning your company with increased flexibility, to manage these costs.

If you currently import goods we review and audit this process, to verify your company meets the rules and regulations to bring your product in for distribution.  We offer a full review of import shipping practices, to be sure you are maximizing space, source options, and delivery costs.  With a review we will provide suggested changes to capture areas of significant savings, and create better efficiencies.

Cost Detailing
In depth audit of true landed costs, and verification against perceived landed costs.
We make sure your company is precise with your costing and that you know your numbers.
The review process will find and target actions can be taking to bring these costs down.
Along with a cost review we suggest a review, of how the improvements impact the business plan for growth.  We couple the review with a clear understand of each items and their impact on the plans goals

Space Planning
We can show you how to be precise on the space needed for your inventory. Allowing your company to manage your inventory to maximize your space. With clarity on the cost associated with space and time.

Customer Delivery
Know the best way to deliver the product to your customer. Be able to see out of the box options that eliminate unnecessary costs. Determine your freight limits and prepaid level you can allow and maintain profit margins.

Full Supply Chain Services
We can help you to design and implement a plan that results in:

  • Tangible Products
  • Solid Costing Models
  • Confident and complete business plan
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Strong Profitable Business

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We want to help you be better!