Maiden Supply wants to help you turn your dreams into your business.

Knowing that next step or how to get there with your idea, can be difficult. We are there to help you accomplish these steps with a full understanding of what they are and their costs. Showing you how to find suppliers, vendors, and the most effective supply chain process for your company.

We will make sure you know your numbers, with clear, precise, and complete costing models. Your business will be armed with the best source, and most effective supply chain process. Entering into each step knowing the impacts, options, profitability, and contribution to meeting your company’s goals.

We are your pipeline from idea to tangible product ready for your market.
We provide assistance, guidance, and expertise, with more than 25 years of experience.

We will navigate you through:

Prototype Development
With our network of factories and contacts worldwide, we can link your business with the best options for successful and cost effective development of your product. Through our network we can find the best match to meet your budget, and targeted landed costs, with manageable quantities. See how easy it is to make your dream be a reality. We want you to succeed and grow.

Product Sourcing
With our experience and network we will present sourcing options that best fit your business’s needs. Meeting the needs of your product, balancing costing, quality, and social consciousness.

The amount of companies that purchase products allowing the supplier to build in all delivery costs is surprising.  For certain a supplier is not providing these services at a discount, and is probably using them as an additional profit center.

The whole process of importing products can be intimidating. With our assistance and guidance, we can make sure you are confident with the rules and regulations to bring your product in for distribution. We can show you how to navigate duties, customs, tariff rates, document requirements, along with many other details. To put you in control of this process converting the supplier’s profit center, to a cost saving center for your company. In turn you will position your company with increased flexibility, for better costing on the importing costs.

Cost Detailing
Know your true landed costs, and how to check them against reality.
Capture your product cost, with all additional supply chain costs, for a true picture of your product cost.

Be precise with your costing and know your numbers. Understand what actions can be taken to bring these costs down. Develop a business plan for growth and a clear understand what can be done to positon your supply chain to succeed.

Know the sell prices and margin you need for your company, your market, and what will work for your customers.

Space Planning
We can show you how to be precise on the space needed for your inventory. Allowing your company to manage your inventory to reduce storage time, and maximize space. Without losing focus on the cost associated with space and time.

Customer Delivery
Know the best way to deliver the product to your customer. Be able to see, out of the box options, that eliminate unnecessary costs. Determine your freight limits and prepaid level you can allow to maintain profit margins.  While keeping a focus on customer service.

Business and Customer Satisfaction
We will help you to design and implement a plan that results in:
Tangible Products
Solid Costing Models
Confident and Complete Business Plan
Exceptional Customer Service
Strong Profitable Business


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