How does Maiden Supply control quality?

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We are very serious about making sure quality expectations are achieved on every project we do. And not all projects are equal. Some projects call for large quantities, or speed or average quality, while others call for top-shelf or FCC or FDA approved quality above all else. The first thing we do is outline the requirements and expectations. Our motto is “no surprises”. Then we itemize the details and specifications for the materials, function, application and decoration for each project, right down to the way they are packed and shipped and labeled. We typically provide PPS (pre-production samples) for signed approval before we begin manufacturing. Additionally, we have qualified 3rd party Quality Control agents in Asia that can do on-site pre-inspections (for raw materials, etc) and DPI (during production inspections) to insure we are matching the approved samples, and PSI (pre-shipment inspections) to randomly inspect the finished goods prior to shipment. We refer to universal standards of quality such as AQL levels (Acceptable Quality Levels) based on the level of quality needed and the quantity of the order. More details can be provided as needed.